Morashah: Interview with Annie Tucker

Interview With Annie Tucker

Rabbi Annie Tucker

  1. What led you to make a legacy gift to Morashah? 

Our RA has been enormously important to me these last many years, providing guidance, hizzuk, and deep friendships that have made me a better rabbi and helped me navigate a meaningful yet challenging career path with greater resilience and perspective. While I’m currently able to make modest donations, a legacy gift represents the increased capacity to give I hope to have in the future.

  1. What inspired you to give your gift?

The precipitating event that led to my Morashah gift was actually a legacy campaign started at my previous synagogue in Chicago. As Rabbi, I felt that it was important to model participation in this effort and contribute to institutions that feel central in my life. 

  1. Do you have advice for people considering a legacy gift to our RA?

Younger colleagues may view legacy campaigns as less directed towards them but this kind of giving is appropriate for all individuals. Even if gifts aren’t realized for many decades, participating in a legacy campaign is a strong and symbolic statement of support for an institution. Agreements are set up so that gifts are designated a percentage of assets, meaning that one can plan without needing a complete sense of future wealth and can be adjusted if priorities shift. 

  1. What is something that you would like to see your gift and our RA accomplish?

I’d love to see us grow our career services department to serve the needs of all rabbis more robustly. I also hope that our RA will continue to work with other movement organizations to make the rabbinate a sustainable, satisfying, and financially rewarding career choice.

  1. How did giving your gift make you feel?

I feel fortunate to be able to support an organization that I truly value and appreciate, both in my lifetime and also as part of my legacy.

  1. What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I once had a Passover seder with a cast member from Sex and the City.