Megillat Esther

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Megillat Esther: The Book of Esther, edited by Martin S. Cohen.
184 pages. ISBN 978-0-91621-928-4. 

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The Rabbinical Assembly brings you a new edition of Megillat Esther! Newly translated and interpreted for the 21st century, this Hebrew-English edition draws on traditional sources, contemporary scholarship, and deep insights from Conservative rabbis to bring the megillah to life.

Megillat Esther: The Book of Esther features:

  • The Hebrew text of the megillah
  • An expanded narrative translation (by Rabbi Martin S. Cohen) that evokes the playfulness and allusiveness of the megillah
  • A second, contextual translation (by Rabbi Pamela Barmash) that draws on contemporary scholarship in Biblical Hebrew to capture the literary style and linguistic connotations of the Hebrew text
  • Thoughtful essays on each chapter of the megillah that unfold its literary and religious meanings
  • Insightful comments on selected verses by a diverse group of Conservative rabbis, including Rachel Ain, Jacob Blumenthal, Neil F. Blumofe, Analia Bortz, Susan Leider, Zachary Silver, Amy S. Wallk, and Yonatan M. Warren
  • Blessings to be recited before and after the public reading of the megillah on Purim, as well as the accompanying evening (Arvit) service from Siddur Lev Shalem

By bringing multiple voices and interpretations to the Book of Esther, Megillat Esther reflects the rich diversity of people and approaches that characterizes Conservative Judaism. This innovative book will yield fresh insights and enhance your experience of Purim year after year.

Preview a selection from chapter 1 of the megillah here.