Proclamation on the Appointment of Rabbi Julie Schonfeld as the incoming Executive Vice President of the RA

Whereas the mission of the Rabbinical Assembly founded in 1901, is to advocate on behalf of and support the work of Conservative rabbis in their rabbinate;

Whereas Rabbi Julie Schonfeld has given exceptional service to the Rabbinical Assembly as its Director of Rabbinic Development since 2001 and previously served with distinction as rabbi of the Society for the Advancement of Judaism;

Whereas Rabbi Schonfeld has an understanding of many of the issues that her rabbinic colleagues face given her experiences both in the congregation and at the Rabbinical Assembly;

Whereas Rabbi Schonfeld has, during her tenure at the Rabbinical Assembly, cultivated relationships across the spectrum of the RA with colleagues in diverse areas of the rabbinate and has exhibited a deep recognition of the enormous talent that we bring to our work throughout Jewish communal life, which brings kavod to the Rabbinical Assembly;

Whereas Rabbi Schonfeld has both expanded and transformed several areas related to rabbinic placement and has worked effectively to improve the relationships between rabbis and their congregations; and

Whereas Rabbi Schonfeld has developed numerous innovative programs to enhance the professional development and advanced training of our members.

Therefore the Rabbinical Assembly applauds the selection of Rabbi Julie Schonfeld as its next Executive Vice President, beginning July 1, 2009 and wishes her success on this important endeavor as she will work with the leadership of the RA to craft and implement a vision for the twenty-first century that will reflect its diverse makeup and many talents. We, the members of the Rabbinical Assembly, pledge our unwavering support to Rabbi Schonfeld as she leads us in our sacred work.

Passed by the Rabbinical Assembly Plenum, Februrary, 2009