Regardless of a someone’s background or ability, as rabbis, we are guided by the principle that all people are created b’tzelem elohim, in the image of God.

The challenge, of course, is how we can make our institutions as inclusive as possible. Are our services, classrooms, facilities and communities as open and inclusive as they can be?

These materials have been compiled to aid you in this complex yet rewarding task. You will find here resources, including an inclusion resource guide for congregations and additional websites from other organizations that deal with the matters of inclusion. You will also find RA materials, including resolutions and teshuvot. These will help you shape your response to the disabled in your community. We hope these resources will aid all of us l’takein olam b’malkhut Shadai.

In addition to these resources we also want to highlight programs and efforts to promote inclusion in our institutions. It is our hope that you will find inspiration in these initiatives so that you can be an advocate for inclusion in your community.