What's a Gender-Sensitive Tanakh Translation, and How Do I Use It? A Conversation on the Newest JPS Bible Translation

Tuesday, October 24th; 1 - 2 PM ET / 10 - 11 AM PT / 8 - 9 PM Israel Time


In October 2023, The Jewish Publication Society released THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive Edition. The first Jewish gender-sensitive translation of the full Hebrew Bible, this new edition renews and revises the iconic 1985 JPS Bible translation to reflect advances in scholarship and changes in English while maintaining utmost fidelity to the original Hebrew. A groundbreaking partnership with Sefaria, this new translation goes through the Bible verse by verse, line by line, word by word to offer gender-inclusive English renderings of references to God and human beings where appropriate and gendered ones when called for historically and linguistically. Dr. Elias Sacks, Director of JPS, will explore questions such as: What does “gender-sensitive” mean, and why has JPS published a gender-sensitive Bible translation? How does this translation refer to humans and God, and is it faithful to the original Hebrew? Does the translation make changes in areas other than gender, and how can rabbis, cantors, and educators introduce this edition in their communities?