Lo Tevoshi V’lo Tikkalmi: Establishing a Woman’s Agency and Dignity as an Essential Part of the Get-Giving Ceremony

Monday, Dec. 11th, 12 - 1 PM ET / 9 - 10 AM PT / 7 - 8 PM Israel Time


May we develop our traditional Get-Giving ceremony to include active participation by the woman receiving her Get? Join our colleagues Jaymee Alpert and Deborah Silver, who along with Dr. Toby Schonfeld, wrote a teshuvah to address women leaving a heterosexual marriage who have had a traditional (i.e. non-egalitarian or para-egalitarian) ketubbah/wedding (though it could be adapted for other partnerships). They have included rituals aimed to give women agency and dignity in receiving their Gittin, without alteration to the existing script and process for Get receipt.

This session will be recorded.