Creative Conflict Resolution Mishpahah

Mondays, 2pm ET // 11am PT, for 90 minutes

Feb 12 & 26; March 11 & 18; April 8 & 15; May 6 & 20


Humans need the sense of identity and purpose that we get from membership in a community. The most robust communities are ones that are not simply based on social or familial connection but that have a spiritual basis. Judaism is especially robust at integrating the personal, familial, social, and spiritual dimensions of life.

Each of these dimensions impact the others. When there is a problem in one of them, the others experience disruption. Sometimes the problem is one with which we are familiar and we know what to do to restore harmony. When we don't know what to do to address the problem, we experience it as a conflict.

A small group of rabbis have been meeting over the past year as a continuation of a conversation started at the Rabbinical Assembly Convention in St. Louis in early November 2022 under the heading "Lean into the Suck." The central premise is that all creative action is the resolution of conflict.

When we are able to see a problem from a perspective that takes into account all of the relevant variables, and to discover a way of being that moves us toward what we need, we are resolving the conflict and experiencing personal, relational, and social transformation. When we create what we need, everyone gets more of what they need.

In the context of this conversation, each participant is invited:

  • to bring their biggest problems to the table to discern what are the relevant variables in the conflicted system,
  • to discern what the system and those within the system need, and
  • to discover what corrections could be made to improve the way the system functions.

For participants to be able to overcome the very natural resistance to telling others our problems, we have to embrace the conviction that doing so is actually healthy, and that the support of the community is a way that God's grace is mediated to us.

The conversation is moderated by Rev. Dr. Mark Lee Robinson, a pastoral psychotherapist, ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and the founder of the Center for Creative Conflict Resolution. Each session begins with a short teaching about the concepts of creative conflict resolution. No one is required to share about their lives. We hope you will join us. Thanks to our RA's commitment to mental health, this opportunity is free of charge. Space is limited.