Empowering Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis: An Online Webinar by NATAL and the RA

Wednesday, April 1 | 2:00 PM ET

Join NATAL: Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center and our RA for a webinar and discussion on the role of communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how community leaders can maintain resilience, cohesiveness and a sense of belonging in a time of forced social isolation. Led by NATAL’s experts in the field of emergency response and resilience, the webinar will help assess and re-define crisis coping mechanisms in the shadow of the pandemic. Acknowledging and addressing the unique implications of the pandemic, the webinar will outline an initial strategy to positively lead the community during and out of the crisis, when the time comes.
Webinar Moderators
Dr. Tamar Lavi, Director of Community Resilience at NATAL - An Educational Psychologist and Psychotherapist by training, Tamar works with communities, local governments and security establishments on resilience building and trauma focused interventions. Previously, she served as a lecturer at Key Academic College. 
Rakefet Ginsburg, Deputy Director of Community Outreach at NATAL
As NATAL’s Co- Director of Community Outreach, Rakefet Ginsburg heads a team of therapists and consultants who work with communities, local and governments and security establishments on Operational Stress Management, resiliency building and trauma-focused interventions. 

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