Rabbinical Assembly Condemns Rocket Attacks on Israeli Civilians

Posted on: Tuesday July 8, 2014

In light of the hundreds of rockets fired by Hamas and other terrorists in the Gaza Strip that have hit Israeli targets in the past few days, the Rabbinical Assembly issued the following statement:

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Executive Vice President, said:

We deplore the horrendous onslaught of terrorist attacks launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad from Gaza and call for their immediate cessation. The dangers of a Palestinian unity government with Hamas are abundantly clear, and in the wake of Hamas’ confession to sponsoring many of the latest attacks, we call upon international bodies to appropriately censure Hamas. We express solidarity with all the citizens of Israel and call upon all international governments to acknowledge their right to self defense.

Rabbi William Gershon, President, added:

The current barrage of rockets has caused incredible damage through both their volume and their range, with some reaching as far as the beaches of Tel Aviv.  We continue to marvel at the miracle of the Iron Dome missile defense system that saves countless lives and express our gratitude for the close partnership with the US that allowed for the development of this life saving defensive shield against rocket attacks.