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CJ Classics: Back to School

Posted on Sept 7, 2011

As the school year begins, we want to highlight some classics from Conservative Judaism Journal. We've wiped the dust off of these important articles and posted them on the website:


Why not figure some way to work a deal with Muse to allow RA members to have access? Or why not work with JTS to have RA members get access to Muse. It is terribly annoying not to be able to access this type of site dedicated only to "scholars".

Conservative Judaism Journal for everyone.

I have no idea why the RA refuses to post every single Conservative Judaism Journal article free of charge.  We chronically hear how no one: the Chancellor, Conservative Rabbis, other Conservative leadership can define what Conservative Judaism stands for.  Conservative Judaism journal is full of decades worth of dedicated discussion about how our leaders have learned to respond to the times in the way they did and still do.  Yet these articles are so hard to find.  Why do we continue to hide these great articles?  Our leadership has failed the Movement here.  


Jonathan Loring

Pittsburgh PA

re: Conservative Judaism Journal for everyone

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for writing and for expression an opinion held by many of us! First of all, I'm very pleased that you're such a fan of the journal. It's a labor of love for those of us who work to bring it out and it's very gratifying to know that readers enjoy what we do and want free access to our work and the work of our predecessors on the editorial board. 

For the moment, there are several years' worth of the journal available on the Project Muse website. Unfortunately, Project Muse is only available to people connected with academic institutions (which requirement excludes even me, plus all the members of our board but one), and so we working to have all sixty-two years' worth of the journal digitized and hope eventually to have them available to colleagues and interested others through a dedicated page within the RA website as well. For the moment, we are putting some of our classics online with the RA. More will follow. Discussions are underway regarding the best way to move into the digital age so as to balance the need to cover our costs with our interest in making our journal available to the greatest number of potential readers. I hope that real progress in this regard will be made in the course of the coming year.

Martin Cohen
Chair of the Editorial Board of Conservative Judaism

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