Resolutions 2000

Resolution on Organ Donations

WHEREAS the Rabbinical Assembly passed a resolution "On Educating Conservative Jews Regarding Organ Donations" at its May 1996 convention; and

WHEREAS every day as many as 200 people in the United States join the list of those awaiting organ transplants, with a death occurring every three hours as a result of a severe organ shortage; and

WHEREAS Jews do not constitute a proportional share of organ donors, possibly due to the misapprehension that Judaism prohibits organ transplants; and

Resolution on Fair Funding for Schools in Ontario

WHEREAS the Government of Ontario is constitutionally mandated to provide
for the education of every child in Ontario; and

WHEREAS the Government of Ontario currently funds the Roman Catholic
Separate School system in keeping with the historic Confederation Agreement
of 1867 in that province; and

WHEREAS independent denominational schools completely comply with Ontario
Secondary School Diploma requirements; and

WHEREAS no comparable governmental funding is provided to Jewish, Islamic,
Sikh or Protestant private schools; and

Resolution on Movement-Wide Support of Youth Programs

WHEREAS the needs of the Conservative Movement and especially of our youth are of utmost concerns to all Conservative Jews; and

WHEREAS staffing for our youth programs at the various Ramah camps and USY kinusim, conventions and encampments has been, and continues to be, an ongoing concern to the Movement; and

WHEREAS these youth programs are strengthened by a strong rabbinic presence.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rabbinical Assembly encourage its members to devote one week each year voluntarily to the youth programs of Conservative Judaism; and