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Whereas Jewish law mandates that the community provide affordable health care, as evidenced in a responsum on Medical Issues: “It has been enacted that in every place in which Jews live, the community sets aside a fund for care of the sick.  When poor people are ill and cannot afford medical expense, the community sends them a doctor to visit them, and the medicine is paid for by the communal fund.” (Tzitz Eliezer [Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg, 20th century halakhic scholar]);

WHEREAS human life is of infinite value (Genesis 1:27) and preservation of life supersedes almost all other considerations (pikuah nefesh);

WHEREAS the revered rabbinic scholar and physician, Maimonides, taught that health care was a primary communal responsibility (Mishneh Torah Hilkhot De’ot 4:23);

WHEREAS the Shulkhan Arukh states, “Doctors are required to reduce their fees for the poor. Where that is still not sufficient the community should subsidize the patient.” (Yoreh Deah 249);