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WHEREAS the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" (HR 2436/SR 1382) under consideration in the United States Congress treats the mother as a separate person from the fetus, in essence raising the status of the fetus to that of a person for law enforcement purposes, the first piece of Federal legislation to make this distinction; and

WHEREAS Jewish law does not recognize the fetus as an independent person as is made clear in Exodus 21:22-23; and

While over the past 30 years the Rabbinical Assembly has come out in favor of Reproductive Freedom and Choice in a number of areas, such as abortion (1975 and subsequently); violence and pro-choice (1993);  the 2005 resolution supporting informed access to reproductive care and the letter sent later that year to Senator Arlen Specter,  expressing concern on the use of reproductive choice as a litmus test in the appointment of Federal judges;  there has not yet been a comprehensive resolution on the whole issue of Reproductive Freedom of choice.