RA and Jewish Lights Publishing Announce New Joint Publishing Imprint

Posted on: Thursday February 21, 2013

NEW YORK – The Rabbinical Assembly and Jewish Lights, a leading publisher of books and LifeLights™ pastoral care resources that reflect the Jewish wisdom tradition for people of all faiths and all backgrounds, announced the establishment of a new joint imprint. The new imprint will publish works of interest both to the Jewish community and other readers interested in how Conservative Judaism teaches Torah.

"We hope to give those seeking insights into Judaism a wide array of publications to reflect on their religious journey," said Julie Schonfeld. "We will publish works that will give people of faith the tools to explore their own religious journey from the perspective of the wisdom of Conservative Judaism."

The imprint’s first publication will be God of Becoming and Relationship: The Dynamic Nature of Process Theology, due to be released this fall. Edited by Bradley Shavit Artson, dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, with contributions from 13 leading theologians, the book focuses on process theology, which reflects upon the dynamic relationship between God and the world, and the way the world is ever-changing through God’s hand. The book continues the exploration of process theology that began with a special edition of Conservative Judaism Journal, jointly published by the RA and The Jewish Theological Seminary. 

"How perfect that the first volume in a joint Rabbinical Assembly/Jewish Lights imprint invites contemporary readers to develop a personal theology that is authentic, open to the breadth of modern science and academic insight, and articulates an integration of heart, mind and soul," Artson commented. "Process Theology offers precisely that rich harvest to today's inquisitive minds and seeking souls."

Stuart Matlins, Jewish Light’s founder and publisher, added, "One of the major goals of the Jewish Lights publishing program is to encourage people to think about and explore the meaning of the Divine in their lives and as, Jewish people in particular, their personal relationship with God. This important and innovative book will help us facilitate and provide resources for the conversation."

A joint Rabbinical Assembly/Jewish Lights editorial committee will review manuscripts for publication. Manuscripts should be submitted for consideration to Stuart Matlins at Jewish Lights as set out in the publisher’s manuscript submission guidelines on its website, jewishlights.com.