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The Rabbinical Assembly appreciates donations which enable us to provide resorces and care for Conservative rabbis and to continue to build and strengthen Jewish life.

Please use the form below to make your tax deductable donation to one of the following funds:

Rabbi Wolfe Kelman Rabbinical Assembly Assistance Fund is used to assist colleagues and their families, as well as spouses of deceased colleagues, ז"ל, who depend on the discreet, dignified expression of our concern.

Rabbi Joel H. Meyers Fund in support of international rabbinic endeavors enables the RA to support rabbis in communities outside of North America who often work under challenging circumstances.

Endowment Fund established to provide financial resources for the Rabbinical Assembly in the future.

50 Year Rabbis Fund subscribed to by rabbis on their 50th anniversary of their ordination as a gift to the endowment fund. 

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