We hope you enjoy this collection of thought and inspiration for Hanukkah and the secular New Year. Around the world, short winter days bring holidays that celebrate light and look forward to renewed beginnings. These articles, which draw upon Jewish tradition in the context of contemporary life, are representative of the approach of the 1,700 Conservative and Masorti rabbis around the world who comprise the Rabbinical Assembly.


Happy Hanukkah from Conservative/Masorti rabbis around the world.


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The international community of Conservative/Masorti rabbis
A Washington Post op-ed By Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Executive Vice President

"...Jewish tradition emphasizes the need for a community to provide for the welfare of all of its citizens and to ensure that the poor and vulnerable are cared for..." [Read More]

We publish an array of books on Jewish religion and ethics including fresh perspectives on Torah and liturgy.


Rabbinical Assembly The Rabbinical Assembly is is a community of 1,700 Conservative/Masorti rabbis around the world who partner with the Jewish community to share and amplify a vision of Judaism that is rooted in Torah, embracing of tradition, and informed by contemporary life.

From the Leadership of the
Rabbinical Assembly


Rabbi Julie Schonfeld What Hanukkah Can Teach Us
About Preserving a Sacred Space

By Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Executive Vice President
"Hanukkah, a festival of light in the darkness of winter, shares much in common with other religions that also emphasize a light motif.
" [read more in the Washington Post]

Rabbi Gerry Skolnik Treasuring a Timeless Message
By Rabbi Gerry Skolnik, President
"As the festival of Hanukkah approaches, hanukkiyot - Hanukkah menorahs - seem to sprout from every public building in Israel, from where I am writing.
.." [read more]


Text, translation, and transliteration of the blessings and popular songs to accompany the lighting of the hanukkiah.  


Hidden Light 

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg explores the significance of light, from Shabbat candles to "the flames of hope and courage" of Hanukkah.


History, Laws, and Customs of Hanukkah 

Rabbi Alan Lucas shares the rich history behind various practices and customs associated with Hanukkah (Excerpted from the new RA publication, The Observant Life).



Rebranding Tzedakah 

From Charity
to Sacred Spending

In this busy season of giving, Rabbi Daniel Nevins reframes the act of giving with his Form 199 Tzedakah Spreadsheet, meant as an exercise to clarify how an individual family might define tzedakah. 


Rabbi Ashira Konigsburg, on new beginnings, both Jewish and secular. 



In Israel and around the world, Jewish life is full of miracle and wonder.

We are thankful for the miracle of Hanukkah and the many blessings in our own lives. 

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