Resolution on the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Theodor Herzl

Posted on: Wednesday February 2, 2011


Whereas May 2, 2010 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the modern Zionist movement whose bold and daring vision and inspirational leadership gave impetus to the dream of founding our modern homeland;

Whereas the Rabbinical Assembly has joined the entire Jewish world in the celebration of Theodor Herzl’s 150th birthday as part of this year’s Yom HaAtzmaut celebration;

Whereas members of the Rabbinical Assembly have long prided themselves for their commitment to     building the Land of Israel and furthering the Zionist mission; and

Whereas the Zionist dream has produced many stunning accomplishments including the establishment of a democratic and sovereign state in the Middle East, the revival of Hebrew as a spoken language, a flourishing Jewish culture and astounding scientific innovations.

Therefore be it resolved that the Rabbinical Assembly affirm this year of celebration of the dream and vision of Theodor Herzl.  The Rabbinical Assembly calls upon the arms of our movement to develop and sponsor educational programs about Herzl’s work, his dream, his legacy, and the achievements that have been realized;

Be it further resolved that the Rabbinical Assembly reaffirm its commitment to the work of  Mercaz,  and Tenuat Ha-Masorti, the Conservative Movement in Israel, in their efforts to realize Herzl’s dream of religious pluralism within Israel’s Jewish and democratic society; and

Be it further resolved that the members of the Rabbinical Assembly commit themselves to Herzl’s Zionist vision: "Zionism, as I understand it, is not solely about the desire to acquire a legally secure piece of real estate for our downtrodden people, after all, but also about the desire to grow towards moral and spiritual perfection" (Theodore Herzl, “Our Hope, Greetings from a Youth Monthly” (1904); Before Israel and World War II; Herzl’s Writings, Vol. VII (Hebrew) 1961, p.285).